Q : When should you send your Save the     Dates? 

A: It's best to begin the process 8+ months before your big day with the goal of mailing your cards 6-8 months prior or 8-12 months prior for destination weddings so your guests have time to make travel arrangements.

Q: When should you send your Invitations? 

A: It's best to begin the process 6+ months before your big day with the goal of mailing your invites 6–8 weeks prior, 8-10 weeks prior if you do not send a save the date. (certain printing techniques can take up to 3 weeks, so it's best to start early)

Q: How many cards should I send?

A: Most information will fit on 3 cards which can be tied together with a band (paper or ribbon) or enclosed in a pocket. You will need to give your guests the following information; 

  • Main Card - this is all about your actual wedding - who's hosting, the couple's full names, then ceremony date/time/address, with a note like "reception to follow"
  • Secondary card(s) - next up is the fun stuff - your cocktail hour and reception time/address (mention dress code here if necessary) and more often than not, your accommodation info can be combined here - the address/contact info/block names of the hotel(s) - if you have a lot to say or want to include travel or area info, this info may need 2 separate cards
  • Response card - the date a response is due (typically 4 weeks before your big day - your venue usually needs a headcount 2 weeks prior and it's best to give yourself 2 weeks on top of that to wrap up getting those straggler rsvps), also whether or not your guests can attend of course (its fun to get creative here - why not have a mad lib to fill out or add a line for song suggestions) and don't forget to account for the stamp needed on this envelope when you get your postage)

Q: What is the proper way to word my invitation?




A: This can get really confusing so we decided to create the below cheat sheets to help, just click to download a printable PDF!


A: And the most important question of all...pricing! I wish there was a way to standardize custom invitations, but because every project is entirely customized to suit a client's needs, it's best to set up a consultation to go over all of your options and go from there. Pricing is determined by quantity, printing technique, paper type and assembly. If you have a budget, let us know and we'll do our best to get you the best possible product for your money.